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  • LED Tube - DT8-S
  • LED Tube - DT8-S
  • LED Tube - DT8-S
  • LED Tube - DT8-S
  • DT8-S
  • DT8-S
  • DT8-S
  • DT8-S

Product Description

DT8-S series are radar sensor led tube light. It’s able to detect the human body and tell whether there are people passby by infrared sensor and control the tube turn on or turn off. With such pir sensor system, more energy can be saved and more labor cost will be reduced.


Product Specification

There are three major product innovation

Product Specifications

Model No. DT8W60S DT8W90S DT8W120S DT8W150S
Dimension D26/30*L588mm D26/30*L894mm D26/30*L1198mm D26/30*L1498mm
Interface Type G13  base G13  base G13  base G13  base
LED Type 2835 SMD LED 2835 SMD LED 2835 SMD LED 2835 SMD LED
Rated Watt. 9w 15w 18w 24w
Input Volt. 100-240VAC 100-240VAC 100-240VAC 100-240VAC
Frequency Range 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Power Factor >0.9 >0.9 >0.9 >0.9
THD <15% <15% <15% <15%
Color Temp. 3000K-6500K 3000K-6500K 3000K-6500K 3000K-6500K
Color Rendering Index >80 >80 >80 >80
Luminous Flux 1035lm 1725lm 2070lm 2760lm
Working Temp. -20~50℃ -20~50℃ -20~50℃ -20~50℃
StorageTemp. -40~85℃ -40~85℃ -40~85℃ -40~85℃
Working Humidity 10-95%RH 10-95%RH 10-95%RH 10-95%RH
Material Aluminum+PC Aluminum+PC Aluminum+PC Aluminum+PC
Emitting Angle 120° 120° 120° 120°
Protection Rate IP20 IP20 IP20 IP20
Lifespan >50,000H >50,000H >50,000H >50,000H


1.Time last:30-60 seconds.

2. Sensor distance/degree: Diameter 8m – 10m./180 degrees.

3. Delay time:30-60 s .

4. Response time:<0.5s

5. Induced by infrared ray.

6.Cars or person coming to active area will be lighted at 12w all the time,while cars or person left the inductive area 30-40 seconds later, it will be at 2.5W or customized adjusting.

7.According to the experience,using the ladar led tube light can save more than 90% energy.


Radar sensor led tube are widely used in passageway, lobby and freight house and other place which need 24hours' lighting.